SnowRunner Truck Tier List: Choosing the Best Off-Road Trucks

In the rugged virtual terrains of SnowRunner, the choice of your off-road truck can make all the difference between a successful mission and a treacherous adventure. With a plethora of trucks available, each boasting unique features and capabilities, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to invest your time and effort in.

SnowRunner Truck Tier List

On this page, we will walk you through the SnowRunner truck tier list, offering insights into the best off-road trucks across various tiers. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned off-road enthusiast. This guide will help you make informed decisions to conquer the toughest challenges the game has to offer.

SnowRunner Truck Tier List
SnowRunner Truck Tier List

Understanding the Truck Tiers

In SnowRunner, trucks are classified into different tiers based on their capabilities and performance. These tiers provide a general indication of a truck’s off-road prowess and suitability for different tasks. Here’s a breakdown of the tiers:

1. S Tier (Top Tier)

Trucks in the S Tier are the cream of the crop when it comes to conquering SnowRunner’s challenging environments. They excel in power, traction, and maneuverability, making them ideal choices for demanding missions. Trucks like the Azov 73210 and Tayga 6436 stand out in this tier, offering remarkable off-road capabilities that can handle even the toughest terrains with ease.

2. A Tier (Strong Tier)

The A Tier includes trucks that are still highly capable but might have a slight drawback compared to the S Tier trucks. These trucks, such as the Pacific P16 and Kolob 74760, offer a balanced combination of power and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks.

3. B Tier (Solid Tier)

Trucks in the B Tier are reliable workhorses that can handle various terrains and tasks effectively. They might lack some of the extreme capabilities of higher-tier trucks, but they are still dependable options. The International Paystar 5070 and White Western Star 4964 are examples of trucks in this tier that strike a good balance between performance and accessibility.

4. C Tier (Average Tier):

Trucks in the C Tier are considered average performers. While they might not excel in extreme situations, they are still capable of getting the job done in moderate terrains. The Chevrolet Kodiak C70 and Azov 64131 are examples of trucks in this tier that offer a decent compromise between performance and accessibility.

5. D Tier (Below Average Tier):

Trucks in the D Tier might struggle in more challenging situations. They are suitable for less demanding tasks and terrains, making them better options for beginners or casual players. Examples include the Khan Lo4F and YAR 87.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Truck

When deciding which truck to use in SnowRunner, it’s important to consider several factors that align with your play style and the tasks you’ll undertake. Here are some key considerations:

  • Terrain Type: Different trucks excel in different terrains. Choose a truck that matches the terrain you’ll be navigating, whether it’s mud, snow, or rocky terrain.
  • Cargo Capacity: The amount of cargo a truck can carry is crucial for completing delivery missions efficiently. Some trucks have larger beds or trailers for heavier loads.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Fuel consumption matters, especially in longer missions. Opt for trucks that offer good fuel efficiency to minimize refueling stops.
  • Modifiability: Many trucks can be customized with various add-ons and upgrades. Consider trucks that allow you to tailor their capabilities to your specific needs.
  • Mission Type: Some missions require specialized trucks, such as those with crane attachments for rescue operations or flatbed trailers for carrying oversized cargo.
  • Traction and Differential Lock: These features determine how well a truck can grip the terrain. Trucks with better traction and differential lock are essential for challenging environments.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can narrow down your options and choose a truck that aligns with your objectives in SnowRunner.

SnowRunner Truck Tier List: Best Picks for Each Tier

  • S Tier: The Azov 73210 is a standout in this tier, known for its exceptional off-road capabilities. Its powerful engine and large tires provide the traction needed to conquer the toughest terrains. The Tayga 6436 is another excellent choice, combining power with maneuverability to handle even the harshest conditions.
  • A Tier: The Pacific P16 is a strong contender in this tier, excelling in hauling heavy loads through challenging terrains. The Kolob 74760 offers a balance between power and versatility, making it a go-to option for various tasks.
  • B Tier: The International Paystar 5070 is a solid choice for players who value reliability. Its rugged design and good load capacity make it a dependable truck. The White Western Star 4964 is also a noteworthy option in this tier, offering a mix of power and practicality.
  • C Tier: The Chevrolet Kodiak C70 is an average-tier truck suitable for less demanding tasks. Its all-wheel-drive system helps navigate moderate terrains effectively. The Azov 64131 is another option that strikes a balance between performance and accessibility.
  • D Tier: The Khan Lo4F is a below-average truck better suited for beginners. Its compact size and simplicity make it a decent starting point for players unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics. The YAR 87 falls in a similar category, offering basic performance.


Navigating the unforgiving terrains of SnowRunner requires careful consideration when choosing your off-road truck. By understanding the truck tiers and evaluating factors like terrain compatibility, cargo capacity, and mission type, you can make informed decisions that will greatly enhance your in-game experience.

Whether you’re aiming to conquer the most challenging expeditions or enjoy a leisurely virtual drive, the SnowRunner truck tier list provides valuable insights to guide your choices.

Remember that your play style and preferences ultimately play a significant role in determining which truck suits you best. So, gear up, hit the road, and conquer the wild landscapes of SnowRunner with the perfect truck by your side.

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